An accomplished Software Engineer and Enterprise Architect with a proven track record of excellence with over 20 years experience across the transportation, criminal justice, healthcare, and financial services sectors. I specialize in backend development on the Java platform, frontend development on the React and Next.js stacks, database design and optimization with SQL and NoSQL, and cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services. Combining a strategic mindset with a hands-on approach, I thrive on understanding the business strategy and context, utilizing technology to deliver intelligent solutions that align with organizational goals.

Professional Experience

Senior Solutions Architect
InterContinental Hotels Group

Architect and design innovative, scalable, and secure solutions using modern web technologies and systems, collaborating with VPs, Directors, and stakeholders to understand strategic objectives and align technology solutions to business goals.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, analyze business needs, and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Provide technical guidance and mentorship to development teams, ensuring best practices and adherence to architectural standards.
  • Drive the evaluation and selection of appropriate technologies and frameworks to meet project requirements.
  • Lead and participate in architecture reviews, providing system enhancements and improvement recommendations.
  • Articulate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely to influence decision-making and drive organizational change.
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends, technologies, and industry best practices in modern web development.

Strategic Solutions Architect

Champion modern software engineering practices through feature management and product experimentation with LaunchDarkly's key customers, driving successful digital transformation and technology migration initiatives.

  • Create scalable onboarding content, integrating feature management and product experimentation seamlessly into daily workflows for new teams using the LaunchDarkly platform.
  • Design and implement frontend, backend, and mobile quickstart template applications in multiple programming languages, promoting platform and language idiomatic usage of feature management while adhering to LaunchDarkly's best practices.
  • Create and deliver professional services offerings, accelerating customer adoption of feature management and product experimentation in their software delivery processes.

Senior Solutions Architect
Mission Cloud Services

Managed a high-performing delivery team, orchestrating cloud architecture and DevOps enhancements on Amazon Web Services for multiple concurrent clients, maximizing the potential of cloud technology for their workloads.

  • Collaborated with C-level executives, senior management, architecture, engineering, and operations teams to ensure adherence to AWS best practices, optimizing client environments for cloud-based operations.
  • Designed and maintained sophisticated cloud-based distributed systems, utilizing infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, and CDK.

Principal Enterprise Architect
Appriss Insights, an Equifax Company

Aligned business priorities and initiatives with technology solutions, devising a strategic technical roadmap to drive the digital transformation of core product offerings. Established a cloud center of excellence, empowering product delivery teams to build their best software while adhering to well-established best practices for security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational excellence, and cost optimization on Amazon Web Services.

  • Crafted a strategic technical roadmap that played a pivotal role during Equifax's due diligence and acquisition of Appriss Insights for $1.8 billion.
  • Managed a $2.4 million cloud infrastructure budget across multiple software engineering teams, leading to a 15% reduction in overall operational costs.
  • Successfully orchestrated the migration of workloads from Docker to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, enhancing scalability and efficiency.
  • Significantly reduced security vulnerability remediation time for the Enhanced VINE product suite, improving response times from weeks to hours.
  • Optimized operational costs for Kinesis and Amazon RDS, achieving over 25% cost reduction while doubling system capacity.
  • Implemented developer experience tools, including ArgoCD, Backstage, and Github to foster cross-team collaboration, increase documentation visibility, and improve SOC2 audit results across the Appriss Insights technology landscape.

Principal Software Engineer
Appriss Health

Developed and oversaw a comprehensive suite of event-driven and REST API-based services for the core entity resolution workload, powering the PMP AWARxE product. These services facilitated real-time data ingestion and consolidated search functionality for patient prescription and dispensation history.

  • Created a Java-based framework for entity resolution and consolidated search, significantly reducing the time needed to implement new entity resolution algorithms from months to just days.
  • Engineered scalable algorithms for entity resolution, efficiently managing over 2 billion unique vertices and tens of billions of edge connections, while maintaining sub-second search response times.
  • Successfully established and managed a robust twenty-seven node Apache Cassandra cluster on Amazon Web Services, ensuring reliable and high-performance data storage and retrieval.

Staff Software Engineer
Appriss, Inc.

Developed and managed full-stack applications catering to criminal justice investigative needs for law enforcement officials and background screening requirements for commercial entities. Utilized NoSQL databases, cloud infrastructure, and scalable data analytics stacks to ensure optimal performance.

  • Spearheaded the development of RiskCheckNow, a web and API-based background screening product catering to incarceration, justice, and risk intelligence markets.
  • Conducted research and made strategic decisions in favor of MongoDB and Cassandra databases for entity resolution workloads, enabling real-time data processing and consolidated search functionalities with rapid response times.

Programmer Analyst
United Parcel Service

Developed and managed business logic and data transformation components for a high-scale integration broker, facilitating the migration from legacy mainframe-based airline operations and scheduling platforms. This transition reduced system coupling and enabled swift design and implementation of new data transformations.

  • Introduced and led adoption efforts of the Fusebox framework, revolutionizing application development on the Macromedia ColdFusion platform.
  • Constructed efficient web-based internal tools using Macromedia ColdFusion, streamlining departmental business processes for multiple cross-functional units within the UPS air group division.
  • Provided crucial support and data modeling design guidance for the large-scale migration of end-user computing data from Microsoft Access to Oracle Enterprise, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.


  1. Institution
    University of Louisville
    Computer Engineering and Computer Science
    Bachelor of Science
  2. Institution
    South Oldham High School
    General Education
    High School Diploma

Technical Skills

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Java · Spring · Spring Boot
  3. Java · Dropwizard Stack
  4. Scala · Akka · Slick · Spark
  5. Typescript · Next.js · React
  6. Typescript · Nuxt.js · Vue
  7. Typescript · Angular
  8. Typescript · Nest.js
  9. CSS · SCSS · Tailwind
  10. REST · SOAP · GraphQL
  11. Amplify · AppRunner · Vercel
  12. Docker · Kubernetes
  13. EKS · ECS · Fargate
  14. Cassandra · MongoDB
  15. DynamoDB · Redshift
  16. OpenSearch · ElastiCache
  17. PostgreSQL · Oracle
  18. Terraform · CloudFormation
  19. DevOps · Testing · CI/CD
  20. Agile · Scrum · Kanban

Professional Skills

  1. Adaptability
  2. Communication
  3. Creativity
  4. Design Thinking
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Leadership
  7. Networking
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Relationships
  10. Strategic Thinking
  11. Teamwork

Side Projects

  1. Name
    The Nerdy Narwhal |
    The Nerdy Narwhal is my personal website, written in Typescript and deployed to Vercel, with the source code hosted on Github. It is a simple portfolio and article website built with Nest.js AppRouter, TailwindCSS, and MDX for content authoring. A few of the more interesting aspects include arranging of posts by category, support for featured posts and projects on the homepage, support for Github flavored markdown authoring of posts, and Prism powered syntax highlighting for code written in posts and project content pages. The source code is also arranged as an NX repository, where each section is an independent feature library, and the site is composed as a set of modules.
  2. Name
    Backstage | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
    Backstage is a versatile, open-source platform for constructing developer portals, originally developed by a team at Spotify. During my tenure at Appriss Insights, I came across the project and recognized its potential for internal adoption. Noticing a key feature in the specification that allowed resource definition and expression of dependencies, I saw an opportunity to leverage it for representing Infrastructure as Code outputs. However, this feature was not yet implemented. To address this gap, I dedicated several days to implementing the feature and then spent a few more weeks enhancing the display of these dependencies in the Backstage UI. My contributions were successfully integrated into the platform, improving its functionality and making it a valuable asset for our team.
  3. Name
    Bookings Frontend |
    Bookings Frontend is an open source sample application that allows users to reserve various resources, such as conference rooms, projectors, and speakerphones for their meetings. It is an adaptation of the sample application built from the book, React Hooks in Action, built with Next.js, React Hook Form, and Bootstrap to more closely approximate a real application's production ready technology stack. I built this application to help me learn React and Next.js initially, and I continue to evolve it as new features and approaches for frontend applications emerge.
  4. Name
    Bookings Backend |
    Bookings Backend is an open source sample application that provides the backend for the equipment and room reservation system of the Bookings Frontend application, written as a set of Apollo Federation subgraphs. Each subgraph is implemented as a Nest.js application using MongoDB and Mongoose to handle datastore needs, and packaged as a Docker container. Through Apollo Router, these individual subgraphs are composed into a single GraphQL API, and presented as a unified single API for consumption by the frontend. The repository is laid out as an NX monorepo to experiment with a feature-driven style for building GraphQL APIs with Nest.js.